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Vine Vine - Amateur theatre director Stephen Thorne plots a sensational production of a Greek tragedy in order to ruffle feathers in the small city where he lives. Accompanied by an eccentric and fly-by-night cast and crew, he prepares for opening night, unaware that as he unleashes the play, he has drawn the attention of ancient and powerful forces. Michael Williams' Vine weds Greek Tragedy and urban legend with dangerous intoxication, as the drama rushes to its dark and inevitable conclusion. Arcady Arcady - In a world turned upside-down by civil war and fading dogma, the Absence—an unstable void of nothingness—is absorbing people and territory into an irretrievable limbo. Now a failed seminarian must again believe in the holy Text to save his family from this terrible fate. But with the enchantments of the Absence so great and all-encompassing, how can one lone man hope to stop such a powerful force? The Library Journal calls Arcady a "multilayered work combining ecological fantasy with concerns about both family relations and the stranglehold of military government." Rich with inspiration from the works of William Blake, Arcady will appeal to fans of Little, Big and other tales of dynastic fantasy & wonder. TrajansArch
Trajan's Arch – Trajan's Arch is a fantasy realism novel by Michael Williams. Gabriel Rackett stands at the threshold of middle age. He lives north of Chicago and teaches at a small community college. He has written one novel and has no prospects of writing another; his powers stagnated by drink and loss. Into his possession comes a manuscript, written by a childhood friend and neighbor, which ignites his memory and takes him back to his mysterious mentor and the ghosts that haunted his own coming-of-age. Now, at the ebb of his resources, Gabriel returns to his old haunts through a series of fantastic stories spilling dangerously off the page – tales that will preoccupy and pursue him back to their dark and secret sources.
Allamanda Allamanda - The fantasy saga of the Hawken family continues, ten years after the events of Arcady (1996). Drunken old Endymion skulks in the huge, rambling, decaying house, Arcady, until his son Garrick discovers an Absence--a terrifying, wandering, formless, all- consuming blob of space--beneath it. So the Hawkens must abandon Arcady and head for their last estate, Allamanda, presently occupied by Allegra and family--who are none too pleased to see the refugees.
OathandtheMeasure Oath and the Measure - Secrets of the past. Although Raistlin and Caramon urge him not to go, Sturm Brightblade attends an annual Solamnic ceremony that is interrupted by . . . A stranger, taunting challenge. Clues from the past. Death. Once he accepts a mysterious gauntlet, young Sturm must make a dangerous journey with some curious friends, rescue a fair if querulous maid, defeat a traitor knight, and learn the secret fate of his long-lost father. He must also learn the meaning of honor. The fourth installment in the popular Meetings Sextet tells the story of Sturm Brightblade, the noble Solamnic Knight, in the years before Sturm joined up with the other companions of the best-selling Dragonlance series.
From Thief to King: The Balance of Power From Thief to King: The Balance of Power - Third Book in the Thief to King Trilogy. In Palerna, the dark powers now reign. Apprentice wizard and rightful heir Brenn is now a prisoner. The balance lies in trusting a traitor. Includes map. Many poems. Cover art Edwin Herder.

From Thief to King: A Forest Lord From Thief to King: A Forest Lord.

From Thief to King: The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Thief to King: The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

GalenBeknighted Galen Beknighted - The Reluctant Knight Returns Becoming a knight has changed the Weasel very little. Galen Pathwarden is still reluctant to adventure, still out to save his own skin at virtually any cost. But when his brother Brithelm vanishes mysteriously, Galen sets aside his better judgement and embarks on a quest that leads under the earth, deep into a conspiracy of darkness, and to the end of his courage. Galen returns to imperiled Solamnia in this exciting sequel to the top-sellling Weasel's Luck, also by Michael Williams, the bard of the Dragonlance saga.
WeaselsLuck Weasel's Luck - The Sign of the Weasel is tunnel on tunnel, enchantment on enchantment. He digs beneath himself, and in digging discovers all roads into nothing. -- The Calantina, IX:IX